Introducing the next generation in Energy Saving Doors
Fiberwood Doors are engineered using the latest technology which combines Eco-Friendly design and maximum durability.


  • DENT RESISTANT skin for long lasting beauty

  • HIGH STRUCTURAL PERFORMANCE due to engineered construction.  Performance rated up to DP-80

  • WEATHER RESISTANT skin protects the door from warping, cracking and fading.  How weather resistant?  Fiberwood dooskins pass ASTM D1037 accelerated again testing.

  • MORE STABLE under extreme heat and cold temperatures
  compared to standard fiberglass and steel doors.

  • Auralast stiles and rails protect door from water saturation
  wood decay and termites.

Extend the life of your exterior door—and uphold your home's curb appeal.

A national study, conducted by an independent research company found that a home with a new Fiberglass/Composite entryway added to it's perceived value by as much as 5 times the coast of the door itself!


  • 35% RECYCLED CONTECT.  The added strength of
  FiberLast doors comes, in part, from a propreitary mix of
  recycled wood fibers and fiberglass.

  • Engineered to SAVE ENERGY and meet
         2010 ENERGY STAR requirements.*

         Meets California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations
  for no-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF)A**

  • 96% FEWER VOCS.  Solid wood AuraLast stiles add
  strentgh and stability and are manufactured using
         a process that releases 96% fewer volatile organic
  compounds (VOCs) than manufactured doors.

* Energy performance will vary with glass selection

**This product may help acheive credits/points or satilsfy
criteria for many local and national green building programs usch as
the Green Building Initiative's Green Globes, the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED,
and the National Green Building Standard.